Our Aims As you are all aware that the foundation of character formation begins at home . We at S.S.P. Sr. Sec. School help children in growing up into refined citizens of our great nation by shaping up their character and personality.

A Human Soul without education is like a marble in a quarry which shows no beauty until the skill of the polishers brings out its hidden colours and makes its surface shine and turns it into a beautiful piece of art. We at S.S.P.S.S.S. hope to bring out children’s hidden talent and develop their personality so that they shine out in life .

We aim at disciplining the child as discipline is an integral part of the learning process . Along with discipline the students are taught self control, sense of leadership, patriotic feelings, respecting customs and tradition of the society and also obeying the laws and regulations of the school, society and nation . We hope to achieve this through the development of :-

  1. Personality : Intellectually, Morally, Physically and Spiritually .
  2. Helping students to adopt themselves in the world through self expression, confidence and courage .
  3. Teaching them to be humble, sacrificing, compassionate, honest and hard work. We believe it is important to teach a child but it is more important to make him/her want to learn . Punctuality is taught not as a rule but as a habit . Discipline is strictly enforced at all levels .


  1. Say a prayer daily for peace .
  2. Skip a meal a week for the poor
  3. Do a good deed every day .
  4. Honour parents, teachers and all human beings .
  5. Respect the earth and save its resources .

OUR OBJECTIVES For us sky is the limit to achieve our avowed objectives, we are hard at work to create a conducive and congenial academic environment and a work culture of dedicated professionalism . You will appreciate that for attaining this, discipline has to be our topmost priority. Our students have to be punctual, regular, neat and tidy, well-mannered, soft spoken with firm foundation of character and deep rooted faith in our values, culture and tradition. We want them to grow as ladies and gentlemen, as ideal citizen and proud Indians. Discipline is a way of life, and requires strict adherence to rules and regulations . It is a habit formation. Excellence is our watchword and academic excellence is our main concern . Our student have to do their best, perform and achieve to their fullest potential. They have to be second to none . The school is temple of learning. It is home away from home, a miniature society and the center stage for channelization of love and trust, where the child feels secured, loved and where there is ample provision for bringing out and fostering latent talents.

The school is Proud of its well qualified and dedicated team of teachers who give personal attention to each student and help in the all round development of his/her personality.