From the Principal Desk
The basic objective of the education system is not only to widen the mental horizons of the child but also to build their character and enhance their aesthetic faculties. It should teach them tolerance and broad – mindedness, dispel superstition and degrading social customs, teach them the best that has been thought and said in the world and to cultivate a spirit of free enquiry and independent thinking. Its sole ambition is not that the students should attain 90% marks in their board exams, but that they should be cultured, educated, disciplined, self-reliant, confident and worthy citizens of a new and modern India, well equipped to meet the current challenges.

In today’s techno world more stress is given to the technological education and the school must create full fledged facilities for science and information technology. Although most of the schools have already become totally involved in science, IT education, internet and other facilities, the need of the hour is not to leave a stone unturned to achieve the ultimate goal in these fields . The school must act as a messenger clubbed with the latest scientific and technological advancement of the highest order filled with the value system imbibed in every student who enters and passes out and should act as a role model for the rest of the country .As of date, our country though capable enough, is far behind many countries of the world in the fields of engineering, medicine, commerce, science and technology and computer education.

To meet out the above basic challenges the curriculum should include such activities which would be helpful in shaping the characters of the students. In the changing national scenario,the needs of the students, particularly adolescents have undergone tremendous change and multiplied many folds . This has resulted into preparing ourselves to meet the creative, intellectual, emotional and physical needs of the growing generation . The challenge to fruitfully provide these needs stands in front of competent teachers who should not only be capable enough to teach their respective subjects but should also be able to establish rapport with the adolescents by sharing with them creative and adventure interests .To put these into practice or turn into reality we need to organize periodical seminars, conferences, workshops, and other curricular and not curricular activities at the regional as well as at the national level .

S.S.P. Sr. Sec. School gives ample opportunities to the students for free thinking, discreet action and self expression in whatever medium they feel comfortable . It provides an environment which ensures parallel development that equips any individual with necessary strength and skills to cope up with the developing needs of life making them capable, confident and courageous without losing their cultural roots . It provides quality education that ensures physical, mental, intellectual and moral growth of its students. The ever broadening urban middle class section of our society forms the back bone of our country in bringing intellectuals, professionals, scientists, leaders and captains of industry .

S.S.P. Sr. Sec. School fulfills the great need of this very section of quality education . In the current changing scenario, where the country is all set to play an increasingly significant role in global and world economy in the era of globalizations, we play a valuable role in the development of the educational system and make remarkable contribution to the growth of the child over the last few years . The very fact that despite criticism, all unfounded, our school has emerged stronger and brighter through each struggle and is today accepted as prototypes of the best education a child must receive. It prepares the young for the service and responsibility in national life, fosters in them deep attachment for our cultural heritage, offers them the best of academic education and provides ample opportunities for creative development .

Let us join our hands, heads, hearts and souls together to fulfill the current requirements of education system which is full of values. humanism, nationalism and international brotherhood, love for peace, food and shelter for all .