Shri Shiv Prasad Senior Secondary School

Late Pandit Shri Shiv Prasad Ji Sharma was the pioneer in the field of education, specially of women and children. He worked tirelessly through out his life for their upliftment. He visualized that there should be institution for their higher education in this area because he thought education is like a radar and students must keep their eyes focused on their target that is the magnetic needle of education. A student is always a learner right from the cradle of the crave. One keeps on learning on learning is a never ending process. They have to go Firozabad or Agra that involve insecurity and risk. He has a dream to establish such institution but unfortunately he could not accomplish it during his life time.

Shri Ajay Kumar Sharma inspired by his ambition carried forward his cherished dream. He took initiative to fulfil his premeditated vision. He changed his dream into reality. Now Shri Shiv Prasad Memorial Girls Degree College is scaling height after every passing day. It is flourishing and adding a new chapter of success to its fold.

After that during 2004-05 B.Ed. classes have also been opened for the girls. The institution is now well occupied and well established and catering the aspiration of every section of society. It has become worthy centre of education of Tundla area.